Safety Update

safety update


I want to commend everyone who attended our TEAR DOWN THE WALLS event in September. It was fantastic to see everyone having fun and getting to know each other. We are lucky to have a fantastic culture and such a great team. Jamie had zero Allied Reward Points, our fearless leaders cooked up some amazing food while Ben reminded us why he believes he’s the best. It was fun! It’s this same spirit that will help be relentlessly better on all our sites from a safety perspective. We need to look after each other and the Supervisors need to lead by example. One area I need all of your help on is Hazard Assessment Paperwork. Some sheets are turned in with very little information and lack of thought put into the sites documentation. A thoughtful and details analysis of your site is critical for the following reasons:

1. I can’t use the paperwork to make the necessary changes to our safety program.

2. It is a legal document. If the information on the sheet isn’t well documented it won’t hold up in court which could put you at risk.

3. It doesn’t help you stay safe. It becomes routine and the lack of attention prevents you from seeing the site as it truly is. Most sites change conditions from day to day whether it be new equipment, an inexperienced worker or changing weather conditions.

Our safety program is only as good as we make it. Please take the time to document your Hazard Assessment paperwork in detail every day. We have an amazing company, I saw it at the event,  and we should have an equally amazing safety record. It’s an easy request, I will be watching for this.


We have received our COR Certification! That’s excellent news. However, there are some changes still required to improve and remain compliant. We will be revising some policies and procedures, improving field paperwork and assuring first aid equipment is available and up to date. Please be aware and follow any changes suggested by our NCSO or your Supervisors in order to reach this critical mile stone in the development of Allied’s ALL SAFE PROGRAM. Thanks to everyone who is following procedures and contributing to making Allied relentlessly better.


DETAILED PAPERWORK – 2X THE POINTS: Between October 1st and December 30th, Allied will be rewarding 2x the points for those with detailed Hazard Assessment paperwork each day.

PACKING SLIPS – 5X THE POINTS: Between October 1st and December 30th, Allied will be rewarding 5x the points to those who fill out and deliver 100% of the packing slips each month.