Beginners Guide

Thanks for visiting ALLIED REWARDS. This section is intended to provide Allied employees and Sub Contractors with an overview on what Allied Rewards is and how it can work for you.



Allied Rewards is an exciting way to stretch your spending or splurge on almost anything you want! With Allied Rewards’ you can turn everyday
safety procedures into food, electronics, vacations, movie tickets, home wares, sporting goods and so much more! Maybe you want new work gear or Allied branded swag – we have that too! Allied supplies the most popular brands in almost every category.

Allied Points allows you to redeem often like coffee at Tim’s or save them up and make larger purchases over time. Shop your way!
Whatever it is you want or need, receive the rewards for simply doing your job! How cool is that?

Quick Review


Allied Rewards was set up to incentivize Allied Field and office Staff to participate in and encourage a relentlessly better culture including safety adherence while being performance focused. We want to reward those who help make it happen! Allied will acknowledge your contribution and each month you will be allocated points for following Allied’s policies and proceedures as well as participating in special promotions. Each month if all Allied Reward Points are allocated you will receive 25 Points for a 30 day period. (20 working days)

Perform your checks and submit the appropriate paperwork. Build up point and redeem. It’s that easy!

Some things to be aware of in regards to Allied Points allocation:

– Allied Points will not be awarded for those who have a Near Miss filed against them.

– Gift Card are awarded in $25 and $50 denominations. (You can’t redeem $35 for example)

– Allied Points have no cash value. This means if you had 10 points, for example, Allied will not provide cash for those points.

– All points must be redeemed through

– Allied has the right to change any product on the site or it’s point value at any time without notice.

– Products will be available the last Friday of the month. This means the cut-off date for redemption during that month should take place the third Friday of the week in that redemption period in order to allow Allied time to manage its inventory accordingly.

More Information



By creating an account, at the top of the website, you will be automatically enrolled in the Allied rewards program. Everyone is eligible to join the Allied Rewards program including; full-time field crews, piece workers, and office staff.


After setting up your personal account, simply follow all the required safety procedures on a daily basis and submit the approved paperwork properly filled out. You will be awarded Allied Points on a monthly basis for each day that you successfully complete your safety tasks.  That’s it!  


Rewards are available in 3 categories. Safety gear, Gift Cards, and Allied Branded swag.


Everyone is eligible for 2,500 points a month or 30,000 points a year. Under specific circumstances, special offers will be made available where a higher point total can be achieved. These special promotions will be at the full discretion of Allied Contractors Inc.

The Nitty Gritty


1. Collection of Allied Points:

1.1) Allied Reward Points will be available following the standard 3 month probation period. Points will be allocated to account holders at week’s end unless there are unforeseen circumstances, otherwise, it could be Monday of the following week.

1.2) A combination of cash and Allied Points will be accepted towards the completion of a purchase. For example; You may want a branded Allied jacket. (When they become available) The value of the jacket is $100. Allied is paying 50% of the jacket which brings it down to $50.00. Over two months you have accumulated $40 in Reward Points and want to order the jacket right away – Allied will accept $10.00 to cover the difference between the points and the remaining purchase price.

1.3) Allied Points may only be collected at

2. Collection of Physical Reward Products:

2.1) The physical products / rewards must be picked up either from the office or directly from your supervisor. You preference will be stored in Allied’s records and will be followed unless otherwise instructed.

2.2) While Allied may have various products stored as inventory, Allied Contractors Inc. reserves the right to carry zero inventory and pick up products on a ‘just-in-time’ inventory and delivery process. While we don’t expect any complications, there could be external factors that delay or prevent access to the products listed on our site including but limited to acts of god, in-store inventory problems, unforeseen business complications or vendor / retailer cancellation of a particular product. In any of these cases, your product will be delivered or available for pick up as soon as possible or will be replaced with an equivalent product of quality and value.

2.3) Gift Cards can only be redeemed for a minimum value. ($25 and $50 value.) However, as mentioned in 1.2, partial payment and points can be combined to redeem rewards faster if that is required.

3. General:

3.1) Allied Rewards, at any time, has the right to change these condition without notice. Every effort to make staff aware of important changes will be made. However, ultimately, the responsibility resides with staff to be up-to-date and informed on all Allied communications and happenings. These changes may include, without limitation, the suspension or termination of issuing Allied Points, the time when Allied Points may be collected, the items for which Allied Points may be redeemed or what is available for purchase, and the number of Allied Points that must be redeemed for a particular item. Changes will be effective when made available or when posted on the website: and or

3.2) Allied Rewards must be cashed out prior to the end of each fiscal year. The end of Allied’s fiscal year is September 30th. Reminders will be sent out. PLEASE BE AWARE: Following this date, if your Allied Points are not redeemed, they will be lost permanently. With no exceptions.

3.3) Allied Points are not redeemable for cash.  They may not be sold or bartered.  Allied Contractors Inc. may decline to become involved in any dispute concerning the ownership of any Allied points.

4. Points Approval:

4.1) The decision to award points rests strictly with Ian Conn, Allied’s Financial Controller. Points will be awarded for overcoming specific challenges Allied faces in it’s mission to be relentlessly better. Some examples of requirements may include:

a) Measurement tracking initiatives

b) Safety adhearance

c) Paperwork such as packing slips

c) Special promotions

Please note; paperwork filled out inadequately or to a standard Allied’s Safety Team believes is unfit will lead to a loss of points for that day’s submission. In order for the paperwork and the safety program to attention to detail and clear explanation is required and thus will be part of the process for awarding Allied Points.

5. Questions or Comments:

5.1)  If the information you are looking for is not covered in this FAQ, please send questions or comments to We should respond within 24 hours. If your response isn’t answered in a timely fashion or if you require more information please call our office for clarification at 403-243-3311.